How to order licenses in DatabeatOMNI

Here is how you can add new licenses directly from within DatabeatOMNI. You may also order hardware and services.

1 - Add OMNIplayer(s)

  • In Main Menu, select "Locations" and "OMNIplayers," and you will see a list of OMNIplayers.
  • To add a new location in DatabeatOMNI,  press + in the Location section.
    If the Location already exists, select the location, and ensure it is highlighted.
  • In the Player section (to the right), press + to add more OMNIplayers.

Locations OMNIplayer

2 - Confirm/Edit Location and organization details

  • Ensure that the information about the location, including contact info and invoice data, is correct. Please add Public ID and Internal ID (your organization's internal ID).

Location Edit details

3 - Select license to order

  • Select license, duration, and number of licenses
    Note licenses cannot be mixed; if your company, i.e., are using Pro license, only that will be available to select.
  • Press the Shopping basket icon to add licenses to basket
  • You may also order screens and Databeat OMNIplay 3 (with the Android Icon).

OMNIstore Buy license for DatabeatOMNI

4- Confirm Order

  • Verify that the shopping basket is correct
  • To request a specific delivery date (i.e., license start date), click the Calendar icon.
  • Add Order Reference and a Note to Reseller, should you wish to
  • Click to Confirm the order

The ordered licenses will be generated immediately, and you can start using them as per your delivery date settings.

Order confirmation OMNIstore