How do I check Network Status on Samsung Tizen Screens ?

Digital Signage screens need a network to communicate with the publishing platform, to report and check for new content, download and play. Here is how to check the Network status. Our support may often ask for this to identify any problems/issues

Use the Samsung remote control to

  1. Press [Menu] on the Remote control. An overlay menu will appear, use the remote control down button to select Network (use the up/down buttons and centre button to select)
  2. Then to right, select Network Status (use the right/left buttons and centre button to select)
  3. The Monitor will check the network status for a few seconds and the display the network settings, ie like here :
    It will clearly say if it is or is not connected to the internet, like from below:
    "You are connected to the internet"
    It is possible here to select "Network settings for further information or to reconfigure.

The info here is relevant for support, so if you are in contact with Databeat Support, please take a picture of this and send on Email: