What network access is required to use DatabeatOMNI & Databeat OMNIplay ?

DatabeatOMNI digital signage/publishing platform is using Databeat OMNIplay on standard Internet access/protocols to display content. Here are the network requirements for all OMNIplayers: Tizen, Android, Google Play, Amazon, WebOS & Windows.

Network requirements for DatabeatOMNI

URL and security

OMNIplayers require access to DatabeatOMNI on open URL:  https://www.databeatomni.net
All communication as based on https. (More info on https here).

Server IP-address

Our servers -  on https://www.databeatomni.net - has common IP address
(Common IP: may be used when using PowerPoint Publisher Plugin)


All communication between DatabeatOMNI and OMNIplay is via Port 80 and 443 (for SSL)

Using Widgets

With DatabeatOMNI widgets, users may add a host of different features and integrations on screen in addition to displaying standard content (video, pictures, graphics, and webpages). This can be newsfeeds, weather and traffic info, calender content, messages, and social media posts as well as different frameless web pages (using iframe technology). (See below).

This means that Databeat OMNIplayers may need to access other webpages and/or services on different domains, even internal (not on the internet) webpages. Examples can be Social Media services, Office 365, internal Microsoft Exchange Servers, Google G-Suite, Newsfeeds, etc. The OMNIplayers will there need access to these services, and they must be based on https to work.

Accessing Webpages / web integrations.

A DatabeatOMNI widget feature is web widgets, providing a very flexible, yet simple way to integrate with other systems. Learn more about this feature here.