What are the features of the OMNIPlay3 remote control?

In this article, we describe the available features and shortcuts on the OMNIplay3 remote control.

Although OMNIplay3 is managed and controlled in DatabeatOMNI, you have the opportunity to implement a variety of functions and changes with the OMNIplay3 remote control.

Features: What do the various keys do?

The arrow keys are used to navigate and highlight items on the OMNIplay3 menu.






  1. Power (ON / OFF)
  2. Mute (Volume off)
  3. Confirm
  4. Channel list
  5. Volume up
  6. Go Back
  7. Volume down
  8. Restart the application










Smart- Shortcuts

  • Open settings

Press [Arrow left]

  • Reset license key

Press [Arrow Up] followed by [Arrow Down] repeatedly. Select Yes when asked if you want to restart your device. Then enter a new license key.