What is DatabeatOMNI?

DatabeatOMNI is a web-based screen publishing solution developed to help your company or organization to tell their story.

What is DatabeatOMNI

DatabeatOMNI is developed to tell your company's story. We have simplified the process with DatabeatOMNI, that gives you many more opportunities to capture attention with digital signage.

DatabeatOMNI Skjermer

DatabeatOMNI is a web-based screen publishing solution that gives users the opportunity to publish and administer content to one or many screens in a simple and cost-effective way. DatabeatOMNI lies on the Microsoft Azure and is available for users in a simple interface.

In DatabeatOMNI, you create channels with content that are shown on screens towards a respective audience. The content can be defined with information, brand messaging and stories presented in various forms such as images, videoes, websites or with the help of widgets.

A DatabeatOMNI user can publish the content and decide where, when and how the content is shown on the screens. When publishing, you can easily decide when to schedule the content within specified timeframes, such as dates, the hour of the day, weeks. You can also schedule weather dependent content.

When the content is planned and published within the channel, it´s ready to show on the screen. This is done with the help of the OMNIplay app that is installed on the screen.

Tell your story

Whether you are working in a small-sized company or enterprise, we all have a job to do. As an employee regardless of position, your job is to tell the story of the company, the brand, people and its history. We have designed DatabeatOMNI specifically to help you tell your story, by using our simple and cost-effective digital screen publishing tool.