Selecting hardware for your Databeat Doorsign

Databeat Doorsign is used on a wide range of media players and professional digital signage displays. This article gives your information and specs about the recommended hardware products to use with Databeat Doorsign.

Learn about our available hardware and how to install and configure Databeat Doorsign

Databeat DS10/plus

Databeat DS10/plus specs

RJ45 Ethernet Port with optional POE+. (IEEE802.3at, Class4, Avg. 10-18W Max.25.5W)
Power Adapter: 12V/1.5A.

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Databeat DS13/plus

Databeat DS13/plus specs

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QBIC TD0350 Specs

Philips 10DBL3051T

Philips 10DBL3051T Specs

Samsung QB13R-T

Samsung QB13R-T Specs