Install Databeat Doorsign on Philips 10'' Multi-Touch Display

This article explains how you can install Databeat OMNIplay on Philips 10'' Multi-Touch Display for use with Databeat Doorsign to display calendar data from Microsoft 365, Exchange or Google Workspace.


Philips 10'' Multitouch models:

Databeat OMNIplay for Doorsign works with all these models:

People, Room, Resources

This is what you need

  • Philips 10'' Multi-Touch Display 
  • A Network Connection (WiFi or Ethernet)
  • A DatabeatOMNI account and a Doorsign license key

Tip: Philips 10'' supports Power over Ethernet (PoE)


  1. Setup Philips display
  2. Install Databeat OMNIplay app
    1. Install Databeat OMNIplay app from the web browser
    2. Install Databeat OMNIplay app from USB
  3. Add license key for Doorsign
  4. Adjust & Verify settings

Step1 1000x100

Setup Philips display

  • Power on the display. The power button is on the back of the display.
  • Select Language in Welcome Menu and select Start
  • Select Wi-Fi or Ethernet to connect to a network and select Next

If Wi-Fi, enter password and select Connect

If Ethernet, select DHCP if unspecified and select Next

  • Select Skip
  • Select Skip
  • Select Finish

Step2 1000x100

Install Databeat OMNIplay app


Philip 10''

  • Click the buttons as shown in the picture above.
  • Standard Password for Philips: 1234
  • Enter the password and select OK

Now choose method a) install via web browser or b) install via USB.

A) Install Databeat OMNIplay app from web browser

Tip: Click [12#] for symbols

OMNIplay for Android

  • Select OK when This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep omniplay-xx.apk anyway is prompted.
  • The file will download automatically. Open the file from the pop-up menu when the download is complete.
  • If the pop-up to open the file does not prompt, follow these instructions:
    • Press Enter to download to File Browser
    • Press Arrow Back on the bottom-centre of the interface
    • Select File Manager
    • Go to /Storage/sdcard0/Download in File Manager
    • Open omniplay-xx.apk
    • OMNIplay will ask for download. Scroll down and select Next.
    • Select Open once the app is installed


B) Install Databeat OMNIplay app from USB

  • Download the latest version of OMNIplay for Philips

  • Save the latest version of .apk on a USB and insert in USB socket in public display
  • Android Settings
  • Select Apps menu
  • Select File Manager
  • Select File Browser - MNT - Open - USB_Storage - Open
  • Select USB_Disk1 - Open - Open OMNIplay file stored on USB
  • Select Next and Install
  • Open the installed app


Step3 1000x100Add license key for Doorsign

The application will ask for your license key the first time it launches

  • Enter License Key. Example: NOABCD0001A
    • Select Save. The player should now restart, get the OMNIplayer license key configuration and start displaying content.

    Tip: If you entered the wrong license key or need to re-configure / change the license key check out: How to access OMNIplay settings on Android touch display.


      Android Service Menu

        If you are looking for OMNIplay configuration/settings (to change license keys or similar)


        Adjust & Verify settings

        • Set OMNIplay as standard Signage Software
          • Open settings by pressing the round button, followed by volume down

        Philips 10''

          • Select Signage Display
          • Select Custom App - Select App
          • Select OMNIplay and Save
        • Set Boot on Source
          • Select Signage Display in Android Menu
          • Select Boot on Source
          • Select Input
          • Select Custom App
        • Set Timezone
          • Select Settings in Android Menu
          • Select Date & Time
          • Select Time Zone
        • Adjust brightness
          • Select Settings in Android Menu
          • Select Display
          • Select Brightness
        • Start application
          • Select Return
          • Select Apps
          • Select OMNIplay

        Installation & Setup is now complete.