How do I set up my Databeat OMNIplay3 Music Player?

Databeat OMNIplay3 is an external Android-based media player. In this article, you will learn how to configure and install your OMNIplay3 as a Music Player.

Configuring your OMNIplay3 for playing Music is a straightforward task.
What you need for your music player is Internet Connection, the OMNIplay3 itself, license key, a music playlist in OMNI and an audio system for you to play your music on.

Step 1: Connect to the internet

Step 2: License key
In the DatabeatOMNI platform, your OMNIplayers will have been assigned a license key that is used as a unique identifier for your media players. It is possible the license key has already been generated, but if it has not, worry no more.
Type this license key in to the field which will be displayed by your OMNIplay3, and you have now connected the device to the OMNIservers.

Step 3: Assign a channel
For your device to actually do anything at all, you will need to assign a channel to your media player. You can do this directly on the device or through the DatabeatOMNI platform.
The channel you assign to the player will define what kind of player it is (a music player, digital signange, etc.). In this scenario, we want to assign a music channel

Step 4: Connect your sound system

The final bit consists of connecting the device to your sound system, and then you're all done!