How to set up Touch in DatabeatOMNI

The Touch feature in DatabeatOMNI enables a user to display a webpage with a screensaver when inactive. Learn how to create a Touch channel to display engaging and interactive content in this article.

Touch is commonly referred to as simplified touch in Databeat. This feature enables a user to display webpage when interacted with, and to display a screensaver, that triggers after the display has been inactive or not used by a user. 

If you want to learn more about advanced touch, TouchMenu, you can check out this article. 


  • Touchscreen(s) with built-in (SoC) or externally connected media player (Tizen or Android).
  • One Databeat license per OMNIplayer.

Enabling Touch

Touch is enabled as a channel property. 

  1. Select channel.
  2. Select settings.
  3. Enable Touch. 

DatabeatOMNI Channel properties

Touch will automatically create two playblocks:

  • TouchContent. Upload the webpage that you want to display when the device is interacted with. Interaction with the device will activate the TouchContent playblock instantly. 
  • ShowReel. Upload content that you want to display when the device is not interacted with. Set the timer for when the screensaver should be triggered from OMNIplayer settings.

Locations - OMNIplayer - Edit Media Player - Advanced settings - Screensaver

Advanced OMNIplayer settings

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The screensaver time settings will be available once the channel has been assigned to a player. Click here to view how to change the channel on a OMNIplayer.