What is Databeat Overview?

Databeat Overview makes it easy to keep track of your company's resources in one place. The overview syncs information from your company's Office 365, Microsoft Exchange or Google G-Suite account, and will always be up to date.

Databeat Resource Overview using a custom template to displaying meeting room status as well as way finding

Databeat Overview provides an up-to-date and clear view of the company's resources and at what time the resources are available or occupied during the working day. You can display the overview on one or more screens according to the needs of the business.

In Databeat Overview, the timeline will show the current clock and how far one has come in today's appointments.

Databeat Overview is an integral part of DatabeatOMNI, so you can manage both your information screens and your door signs in the same web application.

Databeat Resource OverviewHow to proceed?

To set up Databeat Overview in DatabeatOMNI, you must first prepare your calendar application so that you can connect DatabeatOMNI with your company or organisational calendar. There you decide who (employees) and which (room or equipment) are registered and which of these you want door signs for (See how.)

Then in DatabeatOMNI, you can easily connect Office 365 in the Doorsign module, and the selected resources such as employees, rooms or equipment are displayed immediately.
(See how)

Then select the resource you want to make the door sign for, and you will quickly see what the door sign will look like on the screen. Upload a single image that appears in the background of the door sign, or create your own channel of video or pictures.