What do the various Databeat OMNIplay releases include? Where can I find the release notes?

DatabeatOMNI Digital Signage publishing tool uses Databeat OMNIplay software to play content according to the media plans and schedules. Here are the release notes for the various platforms.

Databeat OMNiPlay 3 (OP3) - Android




Release notes

13-11-2020 BETA 20.11.1 All releases from Jan to Nov 2020 as we rolled back last production version:
1: CiC implementation.
2: Global widget implementation.
3: NRK widget implementation.
4: VGA widget implementation.
5: New message screen UI.
6: Player will play in resolution according to channel target resolution.
7: Mediaplan change, Mediaplan change urgent, Widgetchange command implementation.
20-11-2020 BETA 20.11.3 1: Display incorrect fry playlist in UI fix.
2: Changed Channel is being played with previous playing channel target resolution.
20-11-2020 PRODUCTION 20.11.10 It includes all changes since v1.0.790.

Databeat OMNIplay for Tizen (Samsung SoC)


Databeat OMNIplay for  webOS (LG SoC)


Databeat OMNIplay for Windows (Microsoft)