How to follow a playblock from another channel - Master

To follow a playblock from another channel, this requires that the playblock has the settings set to ‘Shared Playblock’.

First, you will need to make sure that the playblock you want to subscribe to.

  1. Choose channel -> General
  2. Click on the playblock, below in the DatabeatOMNI interface.
  3. Make sure that the settings for the playblock are set to ‘Share’. You can confirm this by seeing which icons are highlighted in yellow.
  4. Once the playblock has the correct settings, you will need to create a new playblock.
  5. Choose channel -> General-> Click on the plus sign below in the right corner.
  6. Next, choose the ‘Follow’ setting in the playblock. The icon for this is a link. Choose which of the shared playblocks you want to follow, on the right side of the interface. The playblock will then adopt all settings and media files that are within the shared playblock.

All media files that are published within the shared playblock will now be published in the playblock that it follows. We often define this playblock as ‘Master’.