How to share and follow a playblock

DatabeatOMNI allows a user to share content and even follow other global channels and playblocks. This feature enables the user to save time and let the system distribute content to subscribed channels. Learn how to set it up in this article.

The feature to share and follow playblocks requires OMNIplay Pro

What are playblocks?

Before we can explain how you can edit your playblock properties to share and follow content across your media library, it will be benefical to understand what a playblock is. We recommend that you develop an understanding to what a playblock is before proceeding. 

      "To better understand what a playblock is, we have to start by giving a brief introduction to content and channels. Content is media files grouped and organized in Channels. These channels are sub-grouped in one or more playblocks to manage various types of content, screen designs, schedules, and play features."

Read more on playblock here

Share playblock

To be able to share your content from one channel to another we have to create a playblock which has the property shared. We often refer to a channel with a shared playblock as "Master".

Create a shared playblock

Select the channel in which you wish to create a shared playblock for. 

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Select Shared playblock property.
  3. Edit name for the playblock. (Optional)
  4. Click Save.

Playblock Property Shared

Once the playblock property has been set to shared, you can subcribe your content to other channels, meaning that you only have to upload your content into one channel, and let the system distribute your content automatically to each subcribed channel in your media library. 

To better illustrate this process we have published a file in the newly created shared playblock.  

Mediafile uploaded in shared playblock

Subscribed playblock

The subscribed playblock will allow you to copy all files from the shared playblock. Once you've set up the channel structur and decided which channels that should subscribe to the shared playblock, the system will automatically distribute all files. 

Create a subscribed playblock

Select the channel in which you wish to follow a shared playblock for. 

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Select Follow playblock property.
  3. Select the shared playblock you created previously.
  4. Click Save.

Playblock Property Follow

The file "DatabeatOMNI Background" that we previously uploaded to the shared playblock is now also available in the channel "Channel with subscribed playblock".

Subscribed playblock

Note that the subscribed playblock is not editable. To edit, such as delete, change duration or add and remove files, the user will have to operate directly from master. 

All subscribed playblocks displays "Subscribed PlayBlock - not editable".