OMNIplayer features in DatabeatOMNI

DatabeatOMNI makes screen management easier with remote access. In this article we will explain the different features available to your OMNIplayers.

Table of contents

How to edit your OMNIplayer

In DatabeatOMNI you can view the operational status of all your OMNIplayers from Locations.

  1. Go to and log into DatabeatOMNI.
  2. Select the Locations tab.
  3. Select the OMNIplayer tab.


You can monitor your OMNIplayers connection and status from DatabeatOMNI. This can indicate if everything is working properly, or if your players have lost connection or missing a file. The information you can find here can be relevant to find a solution to your problem. 

Local Mediaplan

This feature provides an overview of the selected OMNIplayers assigned mediaplan. This includes information related to every file uploaded in the channel, such as status (if a file is stored on server or local disk), release and expire dates of every file, available week days, how many times the files has been played and when the file was last played. 

Hardware and Software Assets

Hardware and software assets enables a user to access technical information related to the selected OMNIplayer. Find information related to Operating system, License#, Network Connection, MAC address, Audio Device, CPU, GPU, Brand, Model, Resolution, Hard disk, Partitions, Serial#, Player, App version, Install date, Last Active and Last used channel.  


Add a note to your OMNIplayer. This feature is strictly for user-friendly purposes, as the note will not appear on-screen, but only as a piece of additional, self-generated information to a OMNIplayer accessable from DatabeatOMNI. 

Take Screenshot

Take screenshot enables a remote user to monitor your screens and devices. This feature takes a exact snapshot of what your device is currently displaying, which can be a helpful tool when monitoring your displays remotely. 


Add a postit note to your OMNIplayer. This feature works similar to a widget from Screen Designer, and will add a note on top of your content, which can be used for quick and important information for a selected time periode, without the need to re-upload new media files.

Restart App

Restart the app of the selected player. 

Reboot Device

Reboot the device of the selected player.