How do I edit OMNIplayer settings in DatabeatOMNI?

Your OMNIplayer's settings can be managed individually and remotely from DatabeatOMNI. In this article, we will explain the different OMNIplayer settings and options available.

Table of contents

  1. How to edit your OMNIplayer
  2. Standard settings
  3. Advanced settings
  4. Other settings

How to edit your OMNIplayer

In DatabeatOMNI you can view and edit the current settings and operational status of all your OMNIplayers from the Locations tab. 

  1. Go to and log into DatabeatOMNI.
  2. Select the Locations tab.
  3. Select the OMNIplayer tab.
  4. Select an OMNIplayer and click the Edit OMNIplayer icon on the right-hand side.

If you can't find an OMNIplayer, select View all OMNIplayers.
You can order your first OMNIplayer in OMNIstore available in the top menu.

With the OMNIplay Pro and the advanced UX you will also find the OMNIplayer tab available from the Media tab/dimension.

Standard settings

Select channel

Select the channel you want the OMNIplayer to play. Selecting a new channel will instantly change the channel and the content viewed on the OMNIplayer's display.

Pro-tip: You can edit and save settings on multiple OMNIplayers at the same time.
You can select multiple OMNIplayer's by shift-clicking, ctrl-clicking, or even selecting all with CTRL+A. Proceed to edit all selected players by clicking Edit OMNIplayer on one of the selected, on the right-hand side.

NB! Be mindful of your actions when selecting and editing multiple OMNIplayers.
There is no undo button. You can only manually revert the OMNIplayer settings.

Edit Zone

You can create your own custom Zones in DatabeatOMNI to help organize your OMNIplayers.

We recommend using Zones in a way that everyone in your organization would understand. Some typical examples are "Lobby", "Window display", "4th floor", or "Behind the cash register".

Edit Stage

You can select which lifecycle stage your OMNIplayer is in to help organize your OMNIplayers.

If an OMNIplayer is not yet installed it will often be in stage "Order" or "Delivery". When it is installed and configured correctly it will automatically change to the stage "Prod", indicating that the OMNIplayer is now in production and should function and report status as normal.

Edit volume or mute

You can adjust or mute the volume of each OMNIplayer in two ways.
First of all, you can enable or disabled the audio for a specific device.
Secondly, if audio is enabled, you can adjust the volume level via the screenshot feature.


Enabling the Powersave feature will tell the OMNIplayer to follow the service hours of the location it is registered to.

Disabling the Powersave feature will cause the OMNIplayer to ignore the service hours of the location it is registered to and keep playing 24/7.

We recommend using Powersave and setting your custom service hours pr. location.
You can learn more about Service Hours here.

Remote control / IR sensor

This option will enable or disable the IR sensor of your OMNIplayer. The remote control of your device will not work if this setting is disabled. You will need to enable the setting and have your device online to update settings to use the remote again.

We recommend you keep this setting enabled at all times unless you have very specific needs or issues with external access.


Select whether to allow or prevent your OMNIplayer from streaming content.

Enable streaming will allow the OMNIplayer to stream content in the channel's media plan.

Disable streaming will prevent the OMNIplayer to stream content and content must be available for local download.

Advanced settings

Note: Advanced settings require a good understanding of the various parameters.
Some parameters work differently on the supporter player brands.


Allows you to synchronize the playback of video content on multiple players within the same local area network (LAN).

Extended Desktop

Allows you to adjust the default fullscreen size of the OMNIplay for Windows app.

Extended desktop is only available on OMNIplay for Windows.


An OMNIpower device can be used to remotely control the power connection of one or multiple OMNIplayers. Learn more about OMNIpower

The OMNIpower setting allows you to remotely link your OMNIplayer to an OMNIpower device by registering and verifying a phone number. Usually, this process is done directly on-screen when installing and configuring the OMNIplay app.

To set up OMNIpower you will need an OMNIpower device and a SIM card able to receive and send SMS. How to install and configure OMNIPower.


Useful if your OMNIplayer has a limited data plan and you want more control over data usage.

This setting will adjust the frequency of the network communication and reporting between the OMNIplayer and DatabeatOMNI servers. How can I reduce bandwidth usage with DatabeatOMNI Digital Signage ?

You can adjust the bandwidth slider to your preferred value to increase or decrease network traffic.

The recommended and default value is 1x

  • A lower value (25%) will reduce the traffic
  • A higher value (2x) will increase the traffic

Microsoft 365 User token

Link a Microsoft 365 service user to a OMNIplayer, which allows the player to authenticate with Microsoft 365 services to retrieve and play content secure. 

This feature requires an authenticated login and a licensed user to access secure media libraries, such as information from a Sharepoint site. 


Other settings

Pixel Shift
Pixel shift is a function that prevents screen image retention of the TV screen by shifting or moving the image of the TV screen after a certain amount of time elapses.

You will most probably never notice this and we recommend you have this enabled.

Download 24/7

Allow OMNIplayer to update media plan 24/7 or only outside service hours.

Auto Update

Enable or disable the OMNIplay app to automatically update to the newest available version.

We recommend keeping this enabled to always stay up to date.

Time Autosync

Automatically sync the time and date of your connected OMNIplayer. 

Feature is not supported on Samsung. 

Web Caching

Select to enable or disable web caching for your OMNIplayer.  


Set your OMNIplayer to Beta. 

Check release notes for your platform regarding releases, versions and fixes.