Heartbeat and status of OMNIplayers in DatabeatOMNI

In this article you will learn what an OMNIplayer is and how to monitor their connection, heartbeat and status.


A OMNIplayer is a media player generated through a valid license. Each OMNIplayer is unique and connected to a automatic generated lisence key. This lisence key can be assigned to a public display or a external media player to display your digital signage content. 

Connection, heartbeat and status

You can monitor your OMNIplayers connection and status from DatabeatOMNI. This can indicate if everything is working properly, or if your players have lost connection or missing a file. The information you can find here can be relevant to find a solution to your problem. 

With OMNIcontrol you will be able to keep a close eye on your players. Each of your players' status will be reported with a heartbeat, which can indicate if the player is online or offline.

An online player will be indicated with a green icon and a heartbeat less than 30 minutes. 

OMNIplayer Online

Once a player oversteps 30 minutes it will identify as a offline player. Offline players are indicated by a orange icon and a heartbeat exceeding 30 minutes. 

OMNIplayer Offline

What causes it?

The general criterion for a online and healthy player is

  • Running OMNIplay app
  • Connected to the internet

If the player looses it's internet connection, it may still be able to display previously downloaded content, however it identifies as an offline player. To be susceptible to download and play new content published in a channel the player has to be connected and the icon green. 

Follow these guides to verify your players internet connection. 

Status of media

Another indication which reads from OMNIcontrols is the media column. This will report how many of the uploaded files that's downloaded. A player that's missing some files will report this as (-X). 

Media not downloaded on player

In this example two files are available in the subscribed channel, but only one file has been downloaded. This report may give a quick overview of the current media file status. If a file is missing, it may in the most general situations indicate that the player has lost it's connection to the internet, storage is full and there's not enough space to download the last files or that the files properties prevents the file from being downloaded and played correctly. 

Player stage

There are 7 available stages for your OMNIplayers. These stages are mainly used by Databeat to sort players into groups based on their status. Many of these may speak for themselves, but here's a quick brief on them. 

These stages does not directly impact a player, and are mainly for user-friendly purposes and quick overviews. For instance a player can be in the stage Disconnected and still be online and working.  

  • Delivery. A player that's being shipped. 
  • Production. A player in production. 
  • Support. A player in production with support from Databeat. 
  • Demo. A player generated from a 30-day trial. 
  • Order. A player that has been ordered. 
  • Disconnected. A player that has been disconnected. 
  • Not in use. A player that is not currently in use. Will by default be moved to stage not in use after 45 days. Learn more about our Data Retention and how to edit policies. 

Player settings

You can also edit your OMNIplayer settings, such as adding a zone to your player for a more user-friendly overview, muting volume or changing channel. Read more here