How to install and configure a Databeat OMNIPlay3

Databeat OMNIplay3 is an external Android-based digital signage media player that is dedicated to the DatabeatOMNI application. In this article, we will show how you can install and configure an OMNIPlay3 (OP3)

If you or your company are not already using the Screen Publishing Platform DatabeatOMNI, now is the time to do so. DatabeatOMNI is a online network service, signup and login here. We strongly recommend you sign up and login using your company's Office 365 or Microsoft account for security and simplicity. (Google G-suite login available early May 2019).

In DatabeatOMNI you create channels and upload content, define schedules, create players (to get license keys) etc. Any Databeat OMNIplay mediaplayer (like the OP3) subscribes to a Channel defined in DatabeatOMNI. Your valid licensekey will also be created and can be found in DatabeatOMNI.

Content in the article

  • Preparation
  • Installation and configuring
  • Network connection
  • Settings for the administrator
  • Date, Time and Display
  • The configuration of license key


To install and configure an OMNIplay3 you will need the following:

  • A screen with HDMI input
  • HDMI cable
  • Power adapter
  • OMNIplay3 remote control or PC mouse/keyboard
  • Network connectivity
  • License key or PlayerID
The installation will take between 1-4 minutes to complete. Using a PC mouse and keyboard can help reduce installation and configuration time.

Installation & Configuration

Connect the OMNIplay3 media player with a power source and HDMI cable.

Under the box, there will be weak blue light if OMNIplay3 obtains power.

With your remote control change the input of the screen to the HDMI input. Below, is the first screen image that you will see.

Installation of OMNIPlayer3

The first thing you do is to go to Settings.

• Click on Configure as shown in the image above.

In the Settings, you will have access to control and to limit a series of features. In the Settings, there are two stages that need to be completed.

Step 1: How to connect the OMNIplayer3 to a network

When it comes to network connectivity, we have the following two choices;

Wired connection

We recommend connecting the OMNIplay3 with a wired connection in because of greater network stability. With this alternative, you have to connect an RJ45 cable directly in the OMNIplay3. Doublecheck that the network connection in the Ethernet in the settings.

• Wireless connection

In the occasion where a wired connection is not available, it is possible to connect the OMNIplay3 via a wireless connection also.
OMNIPlayer3 Settings


Under the Wireless & networks category, you will find the Wi-Fi menu item.

• Click on Wi-Fi and activate access (OFF-ON) for the wireless connection, which is located on the top of the page.

Here will all the available networks appear in your area. Choose your desired network and have the password ready in order to connect. In the image below you will see how it looks like.

OMNIplayer Wifi Settings


Step 2: How to activate OMNIplay3 as an administrator

To prevent an unwanted message to pop up on the screen after configuration, we must go into Security and activate OMNIplayer as an administrator. This activation will control how and when the screen will be closed.

• Click Security in the settings menu, under the category Personal

OMNIplay Security settings


When Security is chosen, a new menu item will pop up.

• Click on Device Administrators.

In Device administrator, there are two checkboxes.

• Click on the checkbox for OMNIplayer and chose Activate.

OMNIplayer Device administrator


When the OMNIplay3 has network connectivity and OMNIplay3 is activated as an administrator, then we are done with the required settings. Now we can go back to the main page of the OMNIplay3.

Tip: Right-click with the PC mouse to go back to the main page. From the image above, it will take 3 mouse clicks in order to go back to the main page.

Step 3: Date & Time and display

Set settings for Date & Time manually. 

  • Go to Date & Time on page for settings
  • Manually set Date and Time

Go back to settings and choose Display 

  • Verify that Show the rotation button in the statusbar is activated
  • Verify that Hide Statusbar is activated

Step 4: How to configure the license key on the OMNIplay3

In order to connect an OMNIplay3 with your channel in DatabeatOMNI, the license key must be activated on the unit. The license key is unique and can only be connect towards one single unit. You can find your license key in the column Mediaplayer under Locations and OMNIplayer in DatabeatOMNI.

The license key usually consists of six letters, four numbers, and a final letter. The typical appearance will be: NOABCD0001A
OMNIPlay3 how to set up license key


Type in your license key and then click Save.

When you click Save, you will get a notification about activation of the OMNIplay3 as an administrator. Since this feature is already enabled, we can click Close.
Compleating the configuration of OMNIplay3

Complete the installation

Click Restart button (Icon with a circle and arrow that goes around)

Reboting the OMNIplay3

Warning: Do you really want to restart the player

• Click OK

OMNIplay3 will now restart. OMNIplay3 will get the set configuration and will start to download the connect to the subscribed channel.
Finishing the set up of the OMNIplay3

Now you are done with the installation and configuration of the OMNIplay3. Log in to DatabeatOMNI in order to administer and control what type of content will be show on the screen. Check out our related article on how to administer and change a channel on the OMNIplay3.