Which Smart Signage Platform (SSP) version does my Samsung public display model have?

Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) is built into most Samsung professional displays, but not all. Here is information on which Samsung professional screens have SSP and are compatible with DatabeatOMNI OMNIplay for Samsung.

Learning all SSP models, versions, and specifications can be challenging. To save you the trouble, we have created a list of the Samsung displays that we have registered, approved, and support for use with DatabeatOMNI and OMNIplay. The source of all Samsung information is the Samsung Display Solutions website that we recommend you check out.

As Samsung keeps updating their product line with new models we will try our best to keep the list up to date, but note that this is article is in no way a limiting list for which Samsung models you can use with the Databeat OMNIplay app. Please note that the intent is to save you time.

TL;DR: Check if your Samsung LFD supports SSSP URL Launcher or Custom App.
The requirement for DatabeatOMNI to be used with a Samsung professional display is that you can install the OMNIplay application on it. You can install OMNIplay on any Samsung display that has the Samsung Smart Signage Platform version 2 and newer. (SSP2, SSP3, SSP4, SSP5, SSP6, SSP7, SSP10 or "SSPx/Tizen 7.0")

Pro Tip:
SSSP = Samsung Smart Signage Platform.

Samsung SSP Public displays that support Databeat OMNIplay.

The following list of models supports the installation of the Databeat OMNIplay app. Performance and advanced feature support vary from model to model. Contact us if unsure.
Your browser's search function (CTRL+F) can quickly find a specific model here.

TEP Tizen 7.0 (2023-)

TEP (Tizen Enterprise Platform) is replacing SSSP (Samsung Smart Signage Platform).
Tizen 7.0 is a brand new version and you need to ensure that firmware is up to date.
We have seen issues related to portrait, videofiles and more. Please keep us up to date if you have acquired one already and are having issues.

  • Basic (QBC)
    QBC: QB43C, QB50C, QB55C, QB65C, QB75C, QB85C.
  • Mid-range (QMC)
    QMC: QM43C, QM50C, QM55C, QM65C, QM75C, QM85C. 
  • High-end (QHC)
    QHC: QH43C, QH50C, QH55C, QH65C, QH75C. 

SSSP10 TEP Tizen 6.5 (2022-)

  • Basic (QBB)
    QBB: QB43B, QB50B, QB55B, QB65B, QB75B. 
  • Mid-range (QMB)
    QMB: QM43B, QM50B, QM55B, QM65B, QM75B. 
  • High-end (QHB)
    QHB: QH43B, QH50B, QH55B, QH65B, QH75B. 

SSSP7 Tizen 5.0 (2020-)

  • Window Display (OM): OM46B, OM55N-S, OM55N-DS, OM55B, OM75A, OM75R.
  • Outdoor Signage (OH): OH46B, OH55A-S, OH75A. 

SSSP6 Tizen 4.0 (2018-)

  • QMR-AN
  • Basic (QB)
    QB13R, QB24R, QB43R, QB49R, QB50R, QB55R, QB65R, QB75R, QB85R, QB98R. 
    QBR-B: QB24R-B, QB85R-B. 
    QBN: QB49N, QB55N, QB65N, QB75N, QE82N.
    QBT: QB98T-B. 
  • Mid-Range (QM)
    QM32R, QM43R, QM49R, QM50R, QM55R, QM65R, QM75R, QM85R.
    QMR-A: QM32R-A, QM43R-A, QM49R-A, QM50R-A, QM55R-A, QM65R-A, QM75R-A.
    QMR-B: QM32R-B, QM85R-B. 
    QMN: QM43N, QM49N, QM55N, QM65N, QM75N, QM85N, QM98N.
    QMT: QM98T.
    QMT-B: QM98T-B. 
  • High-end (QH)
    QHR: QH43R, QH50R, QH55R, QH65R, QH75R.
  • Window Display (OM):
    OM46N, OM55N.
    OMN-D: OM46N-D, OM55N-D.
  • Outdoor Signage (OH):
    OHN: OH85N, OH85N-SK, OH85N-DK, OH85N-S.
  • Other:
    Interactive (Touch): QB13R-T, QB24R-T, QB24R-TB, QM32R-T, QM43R-T, QM55R-T.
    Videowall: VM46R-U, VM55R-U.
    Stretch: SH37R, SH37R-B. 

SSSP5 Tizen 3.0 (2017-)

DB43J, DB49J, QB65H, QB65H-TR, QB75H, QB75N-W, QH55H, QH65H, QM49H, QM55H, QM65H

SSSP4 Tizen 2.4 (2016-)

OH46F, OH55F, OH75F, OH85F, OM32H, OM46F, OM55F, OM75F, PH43F, PH43F-P, PH49F, PH49F-P, PH55F, PH55F-P, PM32F, PM32F-BC, PM32H, PM43F-BC, PM43F, PM43H, PM49F, PM49H, PM55F-BC, PM55F, PM55H.

SSSP3 Orsay (2015-2024)

DB10E, DB10E-POE, DB10E-T, DB10E-TPOE, DB32E, DB40E, DB48E, DB55E, DH40E, DH48E, DH55E, DM32E, DM40E, DM48E, DM55E, DM65E, DM75E, ML32E, ML55E, OH24E, OM24E, SH37F

SSSP2 Orsay (2014-2024)

DB10D, DB10D-T, DB22D, DB22D-P, DB22D-T, DB32D, DB40D, DB48D, DB55D, DH40D, DH48D, DH55D, DM32D, DM40D, DM48D, DM55D, DM65D, DM75D, DM82D, OH46D, OH55D, OM46D, OM55D, OM55E, OM75D, OM75E,UE46D, UE55D.


Tip: If you have purchased a model that you cannot find in this list, you can contact Databeat Support and we can verify for you or suggest a solution like the OMNIplay3.

Note: Samsung manufactures different models for different use cases and not all Samsung professional monitors have a built-in player (SoC) or SSP. The external/slot-in SSP players are unofficially supported, please contact us if any questions.

Disclaimer: Databeat has no control over changes that may occur, models that may be discontinued/replaced, set as End of Life (EOL), or even newer models in the market with similar names. We use information from Samsung Display Solutions website. If you are considering purchasing you should verify with your distributor, retailer, or partner for more details on display features and specifications.

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