DatabeatOMNI status and known issues

Sometimes things break and the Databeat Team is here to fix it. This article will keep you up to date on the most pressing errors, known issues, and available quick-fixes for you to temporarily correct the problem.

We are continuously improving and fixing, hence resolved issues are removed from the list. You can find more information about DatabeatOMNI release notes and OMNIplay release notes.

How to use the new DatabeatOMNI Sign-in and Sign-up Page?

DatabeatOMNI is excited to announce our new login and signup processes, designed for simplicity, security, and compliance. Check out this guide and we will walk you through the steps for both signing in and signing up.

TL;DR: The update brings six new personal third-party accounts for sign-in and a new sign-up process with digital signature agreements to enhance security and data privacy.

Known Issues:

Mediafile playback set on same day doesn't work with LG

With the current version v2.0.30, there is an issue where mediafile playback set on the same release and expire date will not play on LG devices. 

A temporary fix will be to set a future date for expire date, or activate beta for your device. 

Rest assured, our team is actively working on a solution to address this issue. Stay tuned to our release log for updates on when the fix will be released.

Microsoft Power BI App Requirement 

Requirements here (Requires Chromium 93 or higher). This update impacts players with a lower Chromium version. 

One of the most commonly used players impacted by this update is Tizen 6.5

Check the Chromium version of your player by running the Chromiumchecker link.

Experiencing any other issues?

1. Search the Knowledge Base for more information or contact your partner/admin.

2. Submit a ticket to to let us know!