DatabeatOMNI status and known issues

Sometimes things break and the Databeat Team is here to fix it. This article will keep you up to date on the most pressing errors, known issues, and available quick-fixes for you to temporarily correct the problem.

We are continuously improving and fixing, hence resolved issues are removed from the list. You can find more information about DatabeatOMNI release notes and OMNIplay release notes.

How to use the new DatabeatOMNI Sign-in and Sign-up Page?

DatabeatOMNI is excited to announce our new login and signup processes, designed for simplicity, security, and compliance. Check out this guide and we will walk you through the steps for both signing in and signing up.

TL;DR: The update brings six new personal third-party accounts for sign-in and a new sign-up process with digital signature agreements to enhance security and data privacy.

Known Issues:

Solved: Login issue for Microsoft 365. New account created at login.

Issue: Logging into DatabeatOMNI creates a new Demo account.

DatabeatOMNI did not recognize the username (UPN) you logged in with or the domain of your organization.

Status: Solved

Solution: Your DatabeatOMNI Username must match your Microsoft 365 UPN.

If your Super User/Admin adds your UPN as your username in DatabeatOMNI it will work, remember to add role when creating a new user.
In most cases, your UPN is the exact email/username you log into Microsoft 365 with.
Contact your organization's Databeat Super User / Admin to fix it. If you are the Admin, contact Databeat Support.

Closed: Samsung with PowerBI Widget slow or not displaying

Issue: Microsoft Power BI widget loading issues after the recent Power BI update.

The recent update from Microsoft to Power BI has resulted in some complications affecting Samsung Smart Signage Platform 6 and older devices.

Status: Closed

  • Issue: Microsoft Power BI has updated its web engine requirements for displaying dashboards and reports, affecting users from SSP2 to SSP7.

  • Action: Our Development team is actively investigating solutions, expected to be completed within the next few weeks.

  • Resolution: Users from SSP10 and onward will have the option to upgrade their web engine to prevent such issues in the future.

  • Current Solution: A more powerful browser is likely needed now and can be provided through an external media player, such as the OMNIplay4, via HDMI.

Our team will continue to keep an eye out for alternative solutions to this issue and we apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.

Solved: LG WebOS App Update failure

Issue: LG WebOS OMNIplay version 2.0.10 is not able to update to 2.0.30
Some OMNIplayers running OMNIplay 2.0.10 with the auto-update app setting enabled are stuck in an app-update loop or unable to update to the newest 2.0.30.

Status: Solved by changing setting
Fix: Please navigate to Settings -> SI Server Settings -> SI Server and disable "Auto Set" if this is enabled. Reboot your LG screen afterwards, and make sure "auto-update app" setting in OMNI is enabled.

Hotfix: Yes
If offline: Reboot the device to allow the update to try again. (Reinstallation also helps)
If loop: Disable the auto-update app setting in DatabeatOMNI/OMNIplayers/Advanced settings pr. player.

Solved: Doorsign LED on AOPEN devices

Issue: LED lights may not change color AOPEN WA1032T devices
Users have reported that the green light indicating an available room does not change when the room changes status to busy. The screen does update, but not the lights.

Status: Solved with Firmware Update.
Contact Databeat Support.

Hotfix: Reboot the device and the LED lights will start working again.

"No valid content in selected channel" even though there definitely is

Issue: Player displaying error "No valid content in selected channel", when there is supposed to be
Users have reported that even when they are certain there is valid content according to scheduling, playblocks or it even displays "3/3 files available", the error message does not go away.

Status: Investigating
Contact Databeat Support.


Fix scheduling: Make sure that the schedules you have set are correct, delete playblocks/files that are in Deleted/Archives tab. Make sure time is set correctly on device.
Re-upload: Check the resolution of the file, preferably stick to a standard resolution. If you are using HD, stick to 1920x1080. If it already is "correct", re-upload the file.

Experiencing any other issues?

1. Search the Knowledge Base for more information or contact your partner/admin.

2. Submit a ticket to to let us know!