DatabeatOMNI status and known issues

Sometimes things break and the Databeat Team is here to fix it. This article will keep you up to date on the most pressing errors, known issues, and available quick-fixes for you to temporarily correct the problem.

We are continuously improving and fixing, hence resolved issues are removed from the list. You can find more information and details about OMNIplay changes in the OMNIplay release notes.

"Doorsign LED color issue on DS10 and AOPEN devices"

Issue: LED lights may not change color on DS10, DS10+, and AOPEN WA1032T devices
Users have reported that the green light indicating an available room does not change when the room changes status to busy. The screen does update, but not the lights.

Status: Working on a permanent fix in Beta.
The Databeat team is working on a permanent fix for this in the next BETA version of OMNIplay for Android.

Hotfix: Yes. Reboot the device and the LED lights will start working again.


Experiencing any other issues?

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