What are the changes in the DatabeatOMNI platform?

This is the DatabeatOMNI release notes for the various applications/features. DatabeatOMNI is a media publishing platform for Databeat OMNIplay media player software used for DATABEATsignage, DATABEATdoorsign, DATABEATbooking and DATABEATomnicast.

DATABEATomniplay Release Notes




DatabeatOMNI Platform release notes




Release notes

29-06-2022 22.6.70 1: Media Retention fixes.
2: Watermark implementation in Adobe sign.
23-06-2022 22.6.60 1: Media 2-step delete feature.
2: Changed Media filter logic in publish tab grid.
3: Channel, Playblock and Media retention feature.
20-06-2022 22.6.50 1: ADOBE sign document alignment fixes.
2: Removed logic app dependency - ADOBE sign.
3: Playblock 2-step delete feature.
13-06-2022 22.6.40 1. Fixed BRReg verified datetime issue.
2. User Retention feature













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