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This article provide information on the latest updates, new features, improvements, and fixes for DatabeatOMNI, our media publishing platform. Stay informed about the advancements we're making to enhance your experience with our platform.

Welcome to the official release notes for the DatabeatOMNI platform.

In this article we provide key insights into the enhancements and new functionalities introduced to DatabeatOMNI, our media publishing platform, and its diverse range of applications. By staying updated with these changes, you can fully leverage the power of DatabeatOMNI to enhance your digital media solutions.

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Feel free to explore the various enhancements to the platform powering our suite of applications, such as OMNIplay, DATABEATsignage, DATABEATdoorsign, DATABEATbooking, and DATABEATomnicast, and discover how they enhance your digital media experience.

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DatabeatOMNI Platform Release Notes

DatabeatOMNI v.24.6.20 (21.06.24)

  • Fixed Global Channel Preview in Screen Designer.
    Users can preview their Global Channel Content again. (VGTV, E24, etc.)

DatabeatOMNI v.24.6.10 (18.06.24)

  • Replaced Azure Media Services.
    Following Microsoft's decision to deprecate Azure Media Services, we've transitioned to a robust, open-source-based solution that promises long-term stability. While this change ensures continued service and reliability, please note that encoding with DRM is no longer available for OMNIcast channels.

DatabeatOMNI v.24.5.20 (30.05.24)

  • Introduced Google My Business service hours feature
    Users now have the option to connect their accounts to GMB (Google My Business) for automatic updating of service hours. To access this feature, it is currently limited to setup from Sigange Online or MyPages.

DatabeatOMNI v.24.5.10 (09.05.24)

  • Resolved an issue with notes for OMNIplayers
    Identified and resolved a problem related to notes for OMNIplayers.

DatabeatOMNI v.24.4.20 (22.04.24)

  • Media file duration issue fixed
    Implemented fix for media file duration issue.  

DatabeatOMNI v.24.4.10 (18.04.24)

  • Text widget improvements
    Implemented slider in text widget. 

DatabeatOMNI v.24.3.10 (12.03.24)

  • Introduced the Databeat Resource Hub
    This app offers a simplified yet effective way to manage resources such as meeting rooms or equipment. (Project MultiRoom Booking 1.0)

DatabeatOMNI v.24.2.50 (23.02.24)

  • Internal server error when logging in with legacy login
    When certain conditions were met, logging in with legacy login could sometimes report "Internal server error" if the login wasn't valid. This has been resolved.

DatabeatOMNI v.24.2.30 (14.02.24)

  • Text Widget Layer Priority in Screen Designer
    The Text widget has been enhanced to always appear on top of other widgets, ensuring it is never hidden. (Except when the analogue clock widget is used.)

DatabeatOMNI v.24.2.20 (07.02.24)

  • Media Temperature Settings
    Resolved a problem related to temperature when uploading mediafiles.

DatabeatOMNI v.24.2.10 (01.02.24)

  • Advanced Playblock Features Licensing Update
    Revised availability of Share and Follow Playblock features for different license types, optimizing usage based on subscription plans.

DatabeatOMNI v.24.1.40 (30.01.24)

  • Improved Line Filter Sorting in EnTur Widget
    Line names in the EnTur Widget line filter are now sorted alphabetically for easier navigation and selection.
  • EnTur Widget Improvements
    Enhanced functionality and user experience in the EnTur Widget.

DatabeatOMNI v.24.1.30 (25.01.24)

  • API Enhancements
    Minor changes and improvements to the API.

DatabeatOMNI v.24.1.20 (22.01.24)

  • Reintroduced the OMNIplay Beta Feature to users
    Reintroduced the advanced OMNIplayer setting for remote activation of OMNIplay beta features.
  • General Improvements
    Various minor enhancements to improve overall performance and user experience.

DatabeatOMNI v.24.1.10 (01.01.24)

  • Introducing DATABEATserver Hosting Options!
  • We're excited to introduce an additional hosting option for
    DATABEATserver - a dedicated Norwegian Azure environment.

    This service is designed for customers with specific data protection needs, complying with strict Norwegian regulations. While our default public Cloud Based Environment continues to provide robust security and reliability, the Norwegian server offers an extra layer of data protection, ideal for customers requiring all data management and hosting within Norway, inaccessible to any external parties.

    If you're interested in this specialized service or have specific regulatory needs, please reach out to us for more information. This is just the beginning of our journey in offering tailored and secure hosting solutions, and we're committed to continuous enhancement of these services.

Differences between Default Public Servers and All-Norwegian Azure Servers

Please note that there are some differences and variations between feature support and third-party integrations. We are working to continuously update our Norwegian DatabeatOMNI server with new functionalities. If you're interested in using our Norwegian localized server, please get in touch with us.


Previous DatabeatOMNI Platform Release Notes




Release notes

14.02.2024 24.2.30

The Text widget in Screen Designer is always displayed on top by default, except for the analogue widget.

01.02.2024 24.2.10

Updated availability of playblock features based on license type. 

30.01.2024 24.1.40

1. EnTur widget improvements
2. EnTur line filter now sorted on line names

25.01.2024 24.1.30 Minor API changes and improvements
22.01.2024 24.1.20 1. The OMNIplay Beta button is back
2. Minor improvements
1.1.2024 24.1.10 DATABEATserver now works on Azure Managed Services.
22.12.2023 23.12.50 1. Adform URL fixes.
2. API 2.0 performance improvements
21.12.2023 23.12.40 Allowed to add custom urls in adform playblock.
14/12/2023 23.12.20 1. Playblock Override feature. 
2. Performance improvements for DBOapi and DPapi. 
3. SuSi login fixes.
24/11/2023 23.11.50 SuSi fixes and Signup process updates.
22/11/2023 23.11.40 SuSi fixes.
07/11/2023 23.11.20 Login with new SuSi supported.
17/10/2023 23.10.30 1: Last Login and related info fixed for B2B user login.
2: DATABEATsignageSharing, Emegency and SecurityLevel options introduced for Media files.
10/10/2023 23.10.20  Office365 login fixes.
04/10/2023 23.10.10 1: Two step delete for MSTeams media files.
2: MSTeams media sync fixes.
28/09/2023 23.9.40 1: DBO now supports API 2.0
2: Scheduling available now for MS Teams Media files.
3: Fix media sync issue in MS Teams.
4: File should play on Release/Expire day also - Fixed.
20/09/2023 23.9.30 Updated filename, title and sorting logic for VGTV.
07/09/2023 23.9.20 Weather widget "Now" option fixes.
01/09/2023 23.9.10 Backend changes for supporting ppt files in MSTeams OMNIcast App.
23/08/2023 23.8.50 Newly created customers will see Advance mode by default.
07/08/2023 23.8.40 MSTeam URL Publish
02/08/2023 23.8.10 SPO News Widget
07/07/2023 23.7.20 Fixed retention service for unknow license types. 
04/07/2023 23.7.10 1: Set service hour to 24/7 when all days are closed.
2: Retention service fixes.
26/06/2023 23.6.60 Timezone feature in Location.
15/06/2023 23.6.50 1: Asset UI fixes.
2. LicenceFirstInstalledOn and DeviceFirstInstalledOn fixes.
3: OMNIcast and Price tag logic update for HQ customer.
4: Improvement in customer list loading UI.
09/06/2023 23.6.30 Asset UI and related API service fixes.
08/06/2023 23.6.20 1: Asset reporting API and related dependencies fixes.
2: Player Heartbeat API and related dependencies fixes.
3: Player Screenshot API and related dependencies fixes.
4: LicenseFirstInstalled date property and related dependencies fixes.
5: Asset UI update in UX for support of multiple device assets.
6: DeviceInstalledDate property added. 
01/06/2023 23.6.10 Fixed OMNIcast Share URL.
25/05/2023 23.5.60 Added OMNIcast Share icon in the Publish tab.
22/05/2023 23.5.50 Revoke API Key feature.
16/05/2023 23.5.40 1: Improvement in sync SPO-DBO media files.
2: Excluded sleep player from player down count in player grid.
10/05/2023 23.5.30 Fixed annoying Google auto form fill issue across app.
09/05/2023 23.5.20 1. Player APIs version 2 released with security changes
2. Entur widget fixes
25/04/2023 23.4.90 Added marquee in text widget.
12/04/2023 23.4.50 Implemented encrypted OMNIcast share URL.
07-04-2023 23.4.30 OMNIcast share on email feature.
03-04-2023 23.4.10 Added OMNIcast share option in channel list, playblock and media.
28-03-2023 23.3.70 1: Entur widget updates.
2: Quick fix for SSSP7/SSS10 Firmware OTA validation logic.
27-03-2023 23.3.60 1: Stop Adform tracking event API calls from UX.
2: Fixed ImpressionCount property lock issue in Adform shared playblock.
3: Hide BRReg search icon from Location/Customer card for OMNIServer.
4: Allowed SSSP7 & SSS10 models in Firmware OTA validation logic.
14-03-2023 23.3.40 Entur widget updates.
02-03-2023 23.3.20 Quick fix in OMNIcast setting UI.
01-03-2023 23.3.10 1:  OMNIserver changes.
2:  Quick fix in OMNIcast setting UI.
24-02-2023 23.2.80 1: Updated OMNIcast UI.
2: Modifications as per OMNIserver.
3: Fix for multiple Entur widget.
16-02-2023 23.2.60 1: Adform Impression multiplier now available in playblock.
2: Implemented playblock seq logic in CIC & GC widgets.
3: Fixed playblock re-render issue while soft deleting "Default Playblock".
09-02-2023 23.2.40 Implemented new Playblock listing UI.
08-02-2023 23.2.30 Updated Entur widget and its settings.
07-02-2023 23.2.20 1: Added option to Share Mediafile to play in WebOMNICast.
2: Fixed error message shown in MSTeam file retrieving when no accessing mixed Channel.
06-02-2023 23.2.10 1: Fixed PB Seq in UX Preview/Monitor for Adform & VGTV.
2: Fixed PB Seq in player media plan API for Adform & VGTV.
31-01-2023 23.1.100 Enabling OMNIcast will always encode all existing channel contents.
30-01-2023 23.1.90 Notify WS Mediaplan Change after media gets encoded and ready for stream.
27-01-2023 23.1.80 1: Enhancements in player WS notify, when linking MS365 user for player.
2: Streamer enhancement for generating streaming URLs for OMNIcast channels.
24-01-2023 23.1.70 Send instant WS command on player settings update.
16-01-2023 23.1.60 Fixes for DRM manifest URL.
10-01-2023 23.1.40 1: Sensitivity info available for google calendar.
2: Disable Partner HQ deletion from retention.
05-01-2023 23.1.20 1: Fixed filename issue for MSTeam encoded file.
2: Updated Encoding and Stream UI as per new design (OMNIcast).
04-12-2023 23.1.10 MSTeams file distribution.
29-12-2022 22.12.60 Quick fix for Adform play in Preview monitor.
27-12-2022 22.12.50 1: MS365 user delegation linking with player.
2: MSTeams channel screenshot only available within MS365 domain.
3: Updated OMNIcast user edit UI.
4: Improved user search in player linking.
5: Updated channel password UI.
6: Updated media files API for OMNIcast embed web player.
08-12-2022 22.12.30 1: Twitter widget fixes in SD.
2: Doorsign touch config fixes.
07-12-2022 22.12.20 1: Player grid alignment fix in simplified mode.
2: Updated view vw_DBOPV_PlayerFWStatus.
05-12-2022 22.12.10 1: Added Heartbeat info column in simplified mode player grid.
2: OMNIpower bug fix in OMNIstore.
3: Restrict duration in media file.
4: Updated view vw_DBOPV_PlayerFWStatus.
5: Encoded file download tooltip fixes.
30-11-2022 22.11.60 1: Finn playblock save fixes.
2: Encoded file download fixes.
3: HubSpot API migration.
28-11-2022 22.11.50 1: GC widget will also play Adform content.
2: Order/Renewal fixes.
25-11-2022 22.11.40 1: Allow to import ERP order with minimum info (DBGSU).
2: Implemented Adform for Share/Follow playblock.
3: Adform content also plays in SD.
4: CIC widget will also play Adform content.
5: Fixed file download issue in Publish tab.
17-11-2022 22.11.30 Improved logo and graphics save process (save logo to Azure Blob).
09-11-2022 22.11.20 Adform playblock and preview feature.
03-11-2022 22.11.10 Sub-locations will always inherit calendar settings from HQ.
20-10-2022 22.10.80 1: Hide NRK and Calendar widget for end users except DBGlobalSuperuser.
2: Hide Publish YouTube button for all users.
18-10-2022 22.10.70 1: Added "Target Resolution" option back for Doorsign/Overview.
2: Changed filter logic for media files in Publish tab.
3: Fixed filter & sorting issue in Edit Localization popup.
13-10-2022 22.10.60 1: MS365 permissions UI fixes.
2: Hide Touch and Teams option for Music and Doorsign channels.
11-10-2022 22.10.50 1: MS365 calendar integration for locations fixes.
2: MS365 permissions UI fixes.
07-10-2022 22.10.30 1: Calendar linking fixes.
2: Disconnect calendar & domain feature.
04-10-2022 22.10.10 1: MS365 permission fixes.
2: Refresh MS365 permission feature.
29-09-2022 22.9.60 1: Added calendar read only feature.
2: Updated MS365 permission UI.
3: OMNI UX will always use delegation token while user logged in.
4: Adobe Sign agreement is available to Norwegian customers with BRreg linked.
12-09-2022 22.9.40 1: Overview fixes.
2: Added terminated filter in Customer.
07-09-2022 22.9.30 1: MSOffice365 permission updates.
2: Media mismatch changes.
3: Adobe Sign with production APIs.
06-09-2022 22.9.20 1: Removed Group-Write-All delegated & application permission from Office365 App.
2: Media mismatch changes.
3: Adobe Sign fixes and move to Production.
01-09-2022 22.9.10 1: Fixes for Mediafile size mismatch for cropped image.
2: Removed autosave features from the office permission popup.
26-08-2022 22.8.60 Fixes for PowerBI report pages.
24-08-2022 22.8.50 1: Media mismatch logic changes.
2: Media mismatch cropper feature.
3: Disable retention process UI fixes.
4: Soft deleted media file font color fixes.
22-08-2022 22.8.40 1: Customer and Signup retention fixes.
2: Enable/Disable retention process feature.
19-08-2022 22.8.30 Customer and Signup retention fixes.
17-08-2022 22.8.20 Adobe Sign Integration fixes.
08-08-2022 22.8.10 1: Adobe Sign Integration fixes.
2: Customer and Signup retention feature.
28-07-2022 22.7.40 1: Adobe Sign Integration fixes.
2: Locations/MediaPlayer Retention fixes.
26-07-2022 22.7.30 1: MediaPlayer 2-step delete feature.
2: Locations, MediaPlayer, MediaPlayer Statistics, Offline Players, TrialPeriod, TrialGrace, MediaPlayers Unused and Notification retention feature.
07-07-2022 22.7.20 Enabled remote control icon in player settings for Android.
05-07-2022 22.7.10 1: Stuck verifying file when publishing PDF - fixed.
2: Adobe Sign Integration (to Production).
29-06-2022 22.6.70 1: Media Retention fixes.
2: Watermark implementation in Adobe sign.
23-06-2022 22.6.60 1: Media 2-step delete feature.
2: Changed Media filter logic in publish tab grid.
3: Channel, Playblock and Media retention feature.
20-06-2022 22.6.50 1: ADOBE sign document alignment fixes.
2: Removed logic app dependency - ADOBE sign.
3: Playblock 2-step delete feature.
13-06-2022 22.6.40 1. Fixed BRReg verified datetime issue.
2. User Retention feature


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