What is DATABEATomnicast?

Databeat OMNIcast is a Databeat Signage option for corporate communication, with features like encoding, streaming, sharing and distributing important information to targeted clients through Microsoft integrations (Teams and SharePoint).

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What is DATABEATomnicast?

Databeat OMNIcast is a Databeat Signage option for corporate communication offering features  like encoding and streaming, sharing, individualization and integration, and authentication. 

Encoding and streaming

One of OMNIcasts key features is its ability to encode and stream video content, ensuring that it is optimzed for high-quality streaming and playback on a variety of clients, without the requirement for a dedicated app. 

Click the link above for more technical information and how to enable OMNIcast for encoding & streaming in DatabeatOMNI. 


OMNIcast enables organizations to manage, share and distribute content across multiple displays, devices and webpages through URL or iFrame. A highlight is its features for content scheduling, such as release and expire dates, day(s) of week and time of day. 

Learn how to share and distribute content with OMNIcast.

Individualization and integration

Databeat OMNIcast allows businesses to individualize their content by tailoring it to specific audiences through integration with Microsoft Teams. A OMNIcast channel can contain one or more playblocks, each linked to a Microsoft Team. Users can be member of multiple Teams, and the content is automatically individualized accordingly by the OMNIcast player. 

Learn to setup Databeat OMNIcast with Microsoft Teams with the link in the heading.


The last feature of Databeat OMNIcast is its integration with Microsoft technologies, such as Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, enabling organizational devices and clients to access protected information through a secure connection to their Microsoft service-user token. Information shared through service-users' tokens complies with organizational policies and regulations. 

Get a better understanding on how to access protected information through delegated user permissions to view on Databeat media players like Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS and Android. 

Frequently asked questions

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