How to see which version of Smart Signage Platform (SSP) your Samsung public display has?

Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) is built into most Samsung professional displays, but not all. Here is information on which Samsung professional screens have SSP and are compatible with DatabeatOMNI.

Learning all models, versions, and specifications should not be necessary. Below is a list of the Samsung screens that we have registered, approved, and support for use with DatabeatOMNI and OMNIplay.

The requirement for DatabeatOMNI to be used with a Samsung professional screen is that you can install the OMNIplay application on it. You can install OMNIplay on any Samsung display that has SSP2, SSP3, SSP4, SSP5, or the latest version, which is SSP6.

Samsung is always updating its product line with new models, and if you have purchased a model that you cannot find in this list, you can contact us at supportand we will check it for you.

Samsung SSP Public displays that DatabeatOMNI supports.

SSSP6 - 2018

OH85N, OH85N-DK, OM46N, OM46N-D, OM55N, OM55N-D, QB43N, QB49N, QB55N, QB65N, QB75N, QB43R, QB49R, QB55R, QB65R, QB75R, QB98R, QE82N, QH55R, QH65R, QM43N, QM49N, QM55N, QM65N, QM75N, QM85N, QM98N, QM43R, QM49R, QM55R, QM65R, QM75R, VM46R-U, VM55R-U

SSSP5 - 2017

DB43J, DB49J, QB65H, QB65H-TR, QB75H, QB75N-W, QH55H, QH65H, QM49H, QM55H, QM65H

SSSP4 - 2016

OH46F, OH55F, OH75F, OH85F, OM32H, OM46F, OM55F, OM75F, PH43F, PH43F-P, PH49F, PH49F-P, PH55F, PH55F-P, PM32F, PM32F-BC, PM32H, PM43F-BC, PM43F, PM43H, PM49F, PM49H, PM55F-BC, PM55F, PM55H.

SSSP3 - 2015

DB10E, DB10E-POE, DB10E-T, DB10E-TPOE, DB32E, DB40E, DB48E, DB55E, DH40E, DH48E, DH55E, DM32E, DM40E, DM48E, DM55E, DM65E, DM75E, ML32E, ML55E, OH24E, OM24E, SH37F

SSSP2 - 2014

DB10D, DB10D-T, DB22D-P, DB22D-T, DB32D, DB40D, DB48D, DB55D, DH40D, DH48D, DH55D, DM32D, DM40D, DM48D, DM55D, DM65D, DM75D, DM82D, OH46D, OH55D, OM46D, OM55D, OM55E, OM75D, OM75E,UE46D, UE55D.


Note that: we make reservations about changes that may occur, models that are End of Life, discontinued t or new models in the market. We don't have any direct control what Samsung offers and only reproduce this information. You can talk to your distributor, retailer, or partner for more details on the displays' features, uses, and specifications. There is also much information on the Samsung Display Solutions website.

An important rule that you need to be aware of is that if you wish to use DatabeatOMNI with Samsung professional displays, the screen must have SSP2, SSP3, SSP4, SSP5, or SSP6.


Note: Samsung makes many different models for different uses and not all Samsung professional monitors have a built-in player (SoC) or SSP.

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