How to install OMNIplay on Samsung Tizen SSSP10 through Samsung Menu

Learn how to install and configure the OMNIplay app on a Samsung Tizen public display with SSSP10 from the Samsung Menu.

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How to install OMNIplay on Samsung Tizen (SSSP10)

Step 1: Network

A network connection is required to communicate with our server and download our app. 

Connect to your local network from the Samsung Menu: 

  • Press Menu
  • Select Network
  • Select Open Network Settings

Using a strict network? Check out our network requirements.

Tip: A shared network from your mobile device can be used to test accessibility for installation if you are using a restricted network. 

Step 2: Date & Time

It is important and necessary that the correct date & time is set for your device before installation of our app. 

  • Press Menu
  • Select System
  • Select Time
  • Select Clock set

Tip: Check that you have entered the correct year. 

Step 3: Custom App

Access app management to download our app. 

  • Press Home
  • Select App management
  • Select Install Web App
  • Insert

Warning! All letters in the url has to be lower case for a successful installation.

  • Select Go or Done on the digital keyboard to download our app. 

Step 4: License key

Connect your Samsung device to a OMNIplay license key. 

Don't have a license key? 

  • Check your DatabeatOMNI account. 

Entered the wrong license key? 

  • Press 0 to change.


If you experience any issues, want to learn more, or need custom settings on the device you will find some useful information below. Contact Databeat Support if you need further assistance.

The downloading process does not start automatically.

  • Start manually with Home - Custom App

Unable to connect to the server?

  • Verify correct information from step 1, step 2 and step 3. 

The display has been used previously.

Turning off due to service hours? 

  • Check Date & Time settings, time zone and service hours in DatabeatOMNI.

Turning off due to inactivity (default 4 hours)? 

  • Set Auto Power Off to Off in Power Control.

No valid content in selected channel? 

  1. Press CH on the remote and select a channel with active content.
  2. Press 3 to check the mediaplan and see if the content is available/downloading.
  3. Log into your DatabeatOMNI account to manage your new OMNIplayer.
  4. Verify firmware and mediafile compatilibily for your device. 
  5. Contact your Reseller or Databeat Support.