General Troubleshooting

This article is the first step for both users and our support team to figure out where the issue lies, fixing the most frequent issues.

You are welcome to skip over the steps that you deem unnecessary, for example if your device is powered on and connected to the network, there is no need to read through the "Power" and "Network" section.


Before anything can be done, the device needs to be powered on.

If you have it, it is always handy to have a spare set of cables near at hand, such as an extra power adapter (especially for the OMNIplay3), extra HDMI and Ethernet cable.

  • Make sure that the power cable is properly connected from your device to the electrical socket in the wall.
    • Make sure the device is powered on.


    • You will notice that the device is powered on if there is a blue light shining through the bottom of the box in one of the corners. (try with two different power adapters if possible)

      Digital Signage Screen

    • With Digital Signage Screens, you can assure yourself it is powered on if it reacts to the TV remote that comes with the screen (make sure that the remote does not have dead batteries).
Note: if you are missing the remote to any of these devices, or the steps above has not produced the desired result, a forced reset is a good way to go. Take the power cable that is connected to the device in and out of it's slot.


Now that we know that the device is powered on, connecting it to the network is our next and important step. With it, the Databeat OMNI platform is able to report a various amount of things, such as what image the device is currently showing, which can be very useful in many cases.
To do so, log in to your Databeat.Net account here. Find your player under the "Location tab" and then click "OMNIplayers" to see a list of your devices. 
Select a device and then one of the buttons on the bottom of the website, such as "Screenshot".

Now that the network settings are in order, you may restart the device to allow the application to start up and fetch information as normal.

If you are unable to connect to the network wirelessly, attempt with a cabled connection.
If cabled network is not possible or does not work, please contact your internet service provider about the issue.

Didn't work?

If either of the two steps above failed, there is still something you can do to fix it all up, and that is a factory reset.
At the end of the articles linked below, there is another article on how to set the device back up.

If everything fails, don't worry, you're not on your own.
Contact us here.


There can be a couple issues related to content, and I'll go through the most common ones here.

No valid content in selected channel

This can mean two things; either the selected channel does not have any content at all, or the content that is in the channel is not the right format for the display.

Either way, what you want to do is to log in to your DatabeatOMNI account here.
The channel that is relevant will be displayed on your display with the error message.
You will have to find this channel, either by going through the list in your OMNI platform, or by simply searching for it at the top of the list.

Once you have found it, check if the channel has content and upload content if it does not have any.
If it does have content however and the screen does not display it, it might be because your screen does not support the resolution of the content.
Check out this article for how to check and convert your media file to the desired resolution.


If all else fails and you are not able to figure it out on your own, contact us here.