How to install the Databeat OMNIplay app on an LG Public Display with WebOS version 2?

This article describes installing and configuring the Databeat OMNIplay app on an LG professional display with WebOS version 2 for use with the DatabeatOMNI.

Table of contentsLG22SM3B

  1. Before you begin
  2. Configure the LG device
  3. Install the OMNIplay application
  4. Configure the OMNIplay license key
  5. Troubleshooting and FAQ


Tip: Please verify that you have an LG public display that is running LG WebOS 2.x.
Check webOS-version in the LG menu: General/System Information.

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Note: LG WebOS version 2 is a legacy Operating System with limited capacity and feature set. We cannot guarantee that all the latest features will be supported. 

Step 1: Before you begin


Please ensure you have the correct and necessary requirements before you begin.

  • LG public display with WebOS 2.0.
  • LG remote with charged batteries. (IR sensor may need to be connected)
  • Power cable and socket available.
  • Internet connection via cable or Wi-Fi credentials. Read more
  • OMNIplay license key. Read more

    Transport, unpacking, and mounting

    • Inspect. First, check the packaging for damage. Take a picture of the packaging before unpacking if you suspect any damage.
    • Unpack. Carefully unpack the public display and check it for any physical damage. Take pictures of the screen and report damages immediately to your supplier.
    • Mount. The screen must be mounted properly for the ventilation to work. We recommend checking the device manual for instructions, to avoid breaking warranty requirements.
      (I.E. specifically rotate the screen clockwise to show content in portrait.)

    Please contact your reseller or administrator if you have any issues.

    Step 2: Configure the LG device

    First time use

    Starting up the device for the first time you will be prompted with the default language and country selection. 

    If you are not prompted with these settings, the device may have been in use before and we recommend doing a Factory Reset LG WebOS 2.0?

    Set Language and Country

    1. Set Language to English
    2. Set device Continent
    3. Set device Country
    4. Select OK

    Connect to the network

    1. Press Settings on the remote
    2. Select Advanced Settings
    3. Select Network in the menu
    4. Select Wired Connection or Wi-Fi Connection
      1. If Wired: verify the network connection, cabling, and network configuration.
      2. If Wi-Fi: Select a Wi-Fi Network and connect with the credentials requested.
    5. Press Return on the remote to go back to the settings menu

      Turn off the "Auto Power Off" setting

      1. Select General in the settings menu
      2. Select Timers
      3. Set Auto Power Off set to Off.
      4. Press Return twice on the remote to exit the settings menu

      Step 3: Install the OMNIplay application

      Accessing Server settings

      1. Press and hold Settings on the remote for 5-8 sec
      2. A gray message box in the upper right will appear
      3. Press 8080 and OK to access server settings

      OMNIplay application installation

      1. Set Application Launch Mode to Local
      2. Set Fully Qualified Domain Name to On
      3. Enter the full URL address: (to install the newest app)
        Note that the previous version of the URL ended with "/LG" and is no longer supported.
      4. Set Application type to IPK
      5. Set Local Application Upgrade to Remote
      6. Set Auto Set to OFF
      7. Select Confirm for Application Upgrade
      8. Select OK
      9. Press Power button to turn off the device and wait 8 seconds
      10. Press Power button to turn on the device wait for the app to install and start.

      The LG device will from now on launch the OMNIplay app when starting up.
      If any issues occur, please verify the setup and especially the URL to be correct.

      Verify your network connection if any issues and reboot after success.

      Your LG device firmware version may have an issue not connect automatically to the wireless network after reboot. We recommend upgrading the device firmware.

      A functional network connection is required to download the application from the DatabeatOMNI server. Your network policies may not allow traffic with DatabeatOMNI  server as default. Please try another network or sharing network via phone to test the connection. If you are stuck, please for more information.


      Step 4: Configure the OMNIplay license key

      Finally, the OMNIPlay app has started for the first time and will request a license key.
      The license key is unique to the device and will instruct what to do and when to do it.

      1. Enter the license key you have for the specific device and press enter. (I.E. LGABCD1234X)
      2. The device should then reboot and load the OMNIplayer settings for that license key.

      The LG public display is successfully configured with OMNIplay, congrats!

      If configured in DatabeatOMNI, it will start to play content and report to DatabeatOMNI for remote administration. If not then press 4 to select channel or log into your DatabeatOMNI account to manage your new Lucky Goldstar (LG) OMNIplayer.



      If you have any issues, want to learn more, or need custom settings on the device you will find some useful information below. Contact Databeat Support if you need further assistance.


      • Entered the wrong license key? Press 0 to change.
      • Don't have a license key? Check your DatabeatOMNI account or ask your reseller.
      • Turning off due to service hours? Check Time & date settings, time zone, and of course, service hours for the location the OMNIplayer is registered to in DatabeatOMNI.

      No valid or active content on screen?

      1. Press 3 to check the media plan and see if the content is available/downloading.
      2. Press 4 on the remote and select a channel with active content.
      3. Verify the license key, press 0 to change.
      4. Press 6 to see general info and verify.
      5. Log into DatabeatOMNI and verify active content and settings for the OMNIplayer.
      6. Verify network connection, time & date settings, firmware, and URL.
      7. Contact your Reseller or Databeat Support.

      Advanced settings like Wake On LAN, OSD-portrait mode, factory reset etc. are available in the Advanced Signage settings menu, and not the default menu.

      To access Advanced settings hold Settings for 5-8 sec until the message box in the upper right will appear. Quickly press 0000 and OK to access. Changing "Power on Status" from LST(Last status) to PWR(Power On) may be useful in some cases.