How to set up and install DatabeatOMNI on LG WebOS 2.0?

To show content published in DatabeatOMNI on a LG Public Display, you need to install the OMNIPlay app. This is how to prepare and configure the LG 22" monitor (LG22SM3B).

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Table of content



  • LG WebOS 2.0 monitor and the LG remote
  • LG WebOS
  •  Power
  • Internet Connection
  • License key from DatabeatOMNI

    Transport, unpacking, and mounting

    • Inspect. First, check for damage to the packaging. Take a picture of the packaging before unpacking if you suspect any damage.
    • Unpack. Carefully unpack the public display and check it for any physical damage. Take pictures of the screen and report damages immediately.
    • Mount. The screen must be appropriately mounted for the ventilation to work. The warranty will be broken and invalid if installed incorrectly. Rotate the display clockwise to show content in portrait. 

    Setup and Installation

    Step 1: Set Language and Country

    1. Set Language
    2. Set Region and Country
    3. The English Language is the default

    Step 2: Connect to the network

    1. Press Settings on Remote
    2. Choose advanced settings
    3. Choose Network in the menu
    • If a wired connection is used, this setup is not necessarily.
      • LG Monitor connects automatically to a wired network
    • IF Wi-fi Connection is used
      • Wi-Fi Connection -> set Wi-Fi password

    Step 3: "Auto Power Off" setting

    1. Press Settings on remote
    2. Choose Advanced -> OK
    3. Choose General
    4. Choose Timers
    5. Auto Power Off set to Off.

    Step 4: Accessing Server settings

    1. Hold down Settings on remote, 5-8 sec.
    2. Message box in the upper right will appear
    3. Press 8080 and OK and to access server settings

    Step 5: Application Launch Mode

    1. Set to Local

    Step 6: Fully Qualified Domain Name

    1. Set to On

    Step 7: Enter the OMNIplay app URL in the text box

    1. Enter the full URL address for OMNIplay app for WebOS:

    Step 8: Application type

    1. Set to IPK.
    2. Press OK on the remote
    IPK is the LG WebOS extension like androids APK

    Step 9: Local Application Upgrade

    1. Set to REMOTE
    2. Press OK on remote and confirm
    3. After this setting, the system will ask to upgrade/download the application from the server.

    Step 10: Upgrade complete

    1. Press OK in the dialog box and reboot the device.
    2. The system will download/upgrade the application and autostart OMNIplay from now on.

    Step 11: License Key

    1. Enter License Key (License # / PlayerID. Example: NOABCD0001A)
    2. Select Enter to submit license key. The device will retrieve settings and configuration now. It will start playing content if a channel is selected and the channel has content to play.

    Select the OMNIplay app in the home menu if the app did not launch automatically.

    Press [0] to manually insert or edit the license key when app is running.

    License Key must be correct. Check DatabeatOMNI, with your reseller or PO/order.

    Step 12: Verify the last steps before completion

    For the device to operate as expected the settings must be correct. 

    1. The device automatically starts the Databeat OMNIplay app. (Reboot and verify)
    2. The device has the correct configuration and license key. (Press [1] or [6] to check info)
    3. Network setup is correct and Energy Save / Auto Power Off settings are disabled.
    4. Content is downloaded and playing. (Press [4] to select channel if necessary)
    5. If shipping the device ensure that both device and packaging are labeled with info.

    The OMNIplay app and license key are configured now. Your LG device is ready!

    Troubleshooting and FAQ:

    If you have any issues, want to learn more, or need custom settings on the device you will find some useful information below. Contact Databeat Support if you need further assistance.

    Advanced settings like Wake On LAN, OSD-portrait mode, factory reset etc. are available in the Advanced Signage settings menu, and not the default menu.

    To access Advenced settings hold Settings for 5-8 sec until the message box in the upper right will appear. Quickly press 0000 and OK to access. Changing "Power on Status" from LST(Last status) to PWR(Power On) may be useful in some cases.

    If no content is displayed, please follow the instructions and information on screen. Press [3] on the remote control for mediaplan and status. Read more on how to troubleshoot this issue here.

    Check OMNIplayer configuration and information with the remote control.

    • Press [0] to change license key
    • Press [1] to see general info
    • Press [3] to see the media plan
    • Press [4] to select channel and content
    • Press [6] to see technical and player info