How to set up and install DatabeatOMNI on LG Public Display running WebOS 4.0?

This article describes how to prepare and configure the LG monitor with WeobOS 4.0 and how to install the OMNIPlay app. This setup har been done on a LG 32'' (32SM5KE-B)


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Table of content



  • LG WebOS 4.0 monitor and the LG remote
  •  Power
  • Internet Connection
  • License key from DatabeatOMNI

    Transport, unpacking and mounting

    • Inspect. First, check for damage to the packaging. Take a picture of the packaging before unpacking if you suspect any damage.
    • Unpack. Carefully unpack the public display and check it for any physical damage. Take pictures of the screen and report damages immediately.
    • Mount. The screen must be mounted properly for the ventilation to work. The warranty will be broken and invalid if mounted incorrectly. Rotate the screen clockwise to show content in portrait. 

    Setup and Installation

    The first screen you see: Ready to use page

    Choose: Go to settings


    On the left side menu choose:



    • Time & Date
      • Set Automatically - ON
    • Time Zone
      • Set continent to Europe
      • Set Country to Norway
      • Set City to Oslo
      • Press back on the remote to go back to the General Settings.



    Wired Connection

    Wi-Fi Connection

    1. Wi-Fi Network will scan available wireless networks.
    2. Choose the network you want to connect to.
    3. Enter Password and press enter


    OMNIPlay App

    Installation of OMNIPlay App

    On the left side choose EZ Settings

    1. SI Server Settings
    2. SI Server Settings
    3. Set Fully Qualified Domain Name - ON
    4. Enter the full URL address for WebOS:
    5. Set Application launch mode - Local
    6. Set Application type - IPK
    7. Set Auto Set - ON
    8. Set Local Application Upgrade - Remote
    9. Set Application Upgrade - Confirm
    10. Upgrade Complete - OK


    App successfully installed. 


    Finally, start the OMNIPlay App for the first time:

    Press home on the remote control

    On the menu bar Choose:

    Contents Management - OMNIplay

    OMNIplay is starting up.

    Insert LicenseID and press OK

    The monitor is rebooting, and OMNIplayer is starting up for the first time.