DatabeatOMNI Hjelpesenter

How to set up and install DatabeatOMNI on LG WebOS 4.0

This article describes how to prepare and configure the LG monitor with WeobOS 4.0 and how to install the software DatabeatOMNI. This setup har been done on a LG 32'' (32SM5KE-B)



You need to follow the steps below to configure the LG WebOS 4.0 monitor and to install the DatabeatOMNI software.

Fist you will be presented with a Rady to use screen.

Choose Quick start

Step 1: Set Quick start options

Language: English Language is default

Rotation: Sreen roration Off is default - Do not set this On

Input: HDMI1 is default

Time & Date: Keep this settings - Will turn on autoadjust in settings.

Auto Power Off: Off

Go to Settings


Go To settings - Full Settings for Advanced use.

Press start


1. On left side choose General

Time & Date

Set Automatically - ON

Time Zone

Set continent to Europe

Set Country to Norway

Set City to Oslo

Press back on the remote to go back to the General Settings.



If wired connection - skip next section

Wi-Fi Connection

Wi-Fi Network will scann available wireless networks.

Choose the network you want to connect to.

Enter Password and press enter


3. On left side choose EZ Settings

SI Server Settings

SI Server Settings

Set Fully Qualified Domain Name - ON

Enter the full URL address for WebOS:

Application launch mode - Local

Application type - IPK

Auto Set - ON

Local Applicaion Upgrade - Remote

Application Upgrade - Confirm

Upgrade Complete


Press home at remote control

Contents Management - OMNIplay

OMNIplay is starting up.

Insert LicenseID and press OK

Monitor is rebooting and OMNIplayer is starting up for the firs time.




2. On left side choose G


Step 2: Connect to network

Press settings on Remote

Choose advanced settings

Choose Network in the menu

  • If wired connection is used, this setup is not necessarily.
  • LG Monitor connects automatically to wired network
  • IF Wi-fi Connection is used
  • Wi-fi Connection -> set Wifi- password

Step 3: Auto Power off setting

Press settings on remote

Choose Advanced -> OK

Choose General

Choose Timers

Auto Power off set to: “Off”

Step 4: Accessing Server settings

Hold down “Settings” on remote, 5-8 sec.

Message box in upper right will appear

Press “8080” and “OK” and to access server settings

Step 5: Application Launch Mode

Set to “On”

Step 6: Fully Qualified Domain Name

Set to “Local”

Step 7: Enter OMNI URL in the text box

Enter the full URL address for WebOS:

Step 8: Application type

Set to IPK.

Press “OK” om the remote

IPK is the LG WebOS extension like androids APK

Step 9: Local Application Upgrade

Set to “REMOTE”

Press “OK” on remote

After this setting, the system will ask to upgrade/download the application from the server.

Step 10: Upgrade complete

Press “OK” in the dialog box

The system will reboot, and download/upgrade the application.

Step 11: License Key

URL Launcher

Enter License Key

“Submit” -> OK

Press [0] if Databeat OMNI is not displayed.

License Key must be correct (Check PO/order)
Example: NOABCD0001A

License Key = PlayerID = Player Name


Step 12: Verify the last steps before completion

Network Standby enabled

Eco Solution disabled

Auto starts Databeat application

Content downloaded and playing

Label both display and packaging


Use the LG Remote:

Settings/Advanced/Picture/Energy Saving=Off

Settings/Advanced/Picture/Smart Energy Saving=Off

Reboot to verify automatic start of OMNI play

Press [3] for mediaplan and download status

Label info: Player Name and Customer


Now, your LG32" is ready configured and DatabeatOMNI i snow installed.