How to install Databeat OMNIplay on Samsung SSP4-6

Install and configure Databeat OMNIplay on Samsung Tizen with Samsung Signage Platform SSP4-6

Before you can show content from DatabeatOMNI on a Samsung SSP4-6 monitor, you will have to install and configure OMNIplay. This article will show you step-by-step how this can be achieved.


Transport, unpacking, and mounting

Before starting the installation, it is advisable to check for damage to the packaging and monitor. In case of suspected damage to the screen, take pictures of the box before it opens.

Carefully unpack the monitor from the box and check it for any physical damage. Take pictures of the screen and report damages immediately.

The screen must be mounted properly for the ventilation to work. In the event of an incorrect installation, the warranty will be broken and invalid. The "tag" with the Samsung logo should be to the right if landscape or face down if portrait. 

This is what you need in order to get started

  • Samsung SSP4-6 monitor and the Samsung remote
  • Internet connection (WiFi or ethernet)
  • License key from DatabeatOMNI


  • Step 1: Update SSP Firmware version
  • Step 2: How to install and configure Databeat OMNIplay on Samsung SSP2-3
  • Step 3: Verification

Step 1: Update SSP Firmware version

  • SSP4 - Tizen 2.4 - T-HKMLAKUC-2080.4
  • SSP5 - Tizen 3.0 - T-KTMLAKUC-2050.4
  • SSP6 - Tizen 4.0 - T-KTM2ELAKUC-1140.5

Samsung Model OH (SSP4) runs on a different firmware version than 2080.4

Step 2: How to install and configure Databeat OMNIplay on Samsung SSP2-3

  • Select English in Menu Language
  • Select Landscape or Portrait in Display Orientation
  • Select Off (Recommended) in Auto Power Off
  • Network connection

Choose Wireless or Wired

  • Set the date and time in Clock Set
  • Select URL Launcher and type the following

  • Select Next
  • Skip Device Name by pressing Next
  • Setup complete

Databeat OMNIplay will begin starting up. Press [Home] and select URL Launcher to manually run the application.

Before completion, the application will ask for your license key.

  • Insert your license key

Press [0] on the remote to re-configure the license key. You will find your license key in DatabeatOMNI (Location - OMNIplayer - MediaPlayer). The license key is unique, and should only be connection to one monitor. 

Example of license key: NOABCD0001A

Step 3: Verification

  • Eco Solution Deactivated

Menu - System - Eco Solution - Eco Sensor=Off

  • Network Standby Activated

Menu - System - Power Options - Network Standby=On

  • Automatic start of the application when rebooting the monitor

Restart monitor to verify automatic startup of application

  • Display content

If no content is displayed, please check for information on screen. Press [3] on remote for mediaplan and status